Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Here's where the series fits in in the MCU

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Falcon and the Winter Soldier is the new series The Marvel movies arriving on March 19th exclusively on Disney +. After the great success of WandaVision, fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe can't wait to discover this new product. In this regard, fans have long wondered at what stage of the MCU this series is going to place. Thanks to Kari Skogland, director of the opera, we can finally give an answer to this question. Therefore, Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes will be the protagonists of a story set six months after the famous Thanos' blip in Avengers: Endgame.

This revelation came during an interview given by Skogland herself and by Malcolm Spellman, chief author, to the boys of Collider. The director also explained how they came to choose the location of the story.

With half the population wiped out by the Blip, you are dealing with different economic situations and equally different border situations. Countries that no longer collaborated now do. Neighbors who weren't cooperative now are. People have moved into houses they have never owned before. Everything changed. We are in this phase now. We have gone through the surprise phase and now we are in reality. I think that creates a very different place for the story, because not only can we keep it as a cornerstone, but we can also dissect people's reaction to this particular moment. Some reacted well, others badly.

Spellman, on the other hand, explained why he was chosen to set Falcon and the Winter Soldier six months after the Blip.

Part of the mission statement for this series was to create heroes of the moment who could lead us into the future. To do this, they had to deal with issues that normal people would understand. And I believe anyone facing the pandemic can understand how MCU characters feel about dealing with a worldwide problem where half the population has just reappeared.

In short, this series has all the credentials to entertain fans, after the conclusion of WandaVision, a work acclaimed by critics and fans. By the way, if you have not yet recovered the final episode of the series starring Wanda Romanoff and Vision, you can recover our review here.

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