Facebook has officially acquired the creators of Beat Saber

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In the past few hours, the news of the acquisition by Facebook di Beat Games, creators of the famous game for VR, Beat Saber. In a recent release, the software house said that it will continue to update and support the game on all available platforms, and not just on Oculus devices, although it is unclear what the acquisition of Beat Games will entail for future games and possible mod released for Beat Saber. Yesterday it was the team of Oculus to announce the acquisition of the software house. Here is the press release:

They will join Oculus Studios as an independent studio in Prague, continuing to create and experiment with new games focused on music and VR.

What the community has come to love about Beat Saber will remain intact. Beat Games will continue to distribute Beat Saber content and updates on all currently supported platforms, now with additional support from Facebook.

Beat Games added on Twitter that joining the Oculus team will allow them not only to "add super cool stuff (features and music) to all of our supported platforms much faster!", but also to "release new updates and music packages to the same. time, everywhere! "

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