Fable 3: how to have infinite gold

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Fable 3: how to have infinite gold

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Caution: these glitches could be corrected by applying the updates released for the game. These could be removed by entering the code to clear the Xbox 360 cache.

Here's what to do to earn a large amount of Gold in Fable 3:

Buy some land, develop it up to 100% then save and exit the game. Go to the Xbox 360 system settings and set the date as far away as possible (eg 01/01/9999) NOTE: this can only be done with the console disconnected from Xbox live.

Resume the game and save. Now you can put the correct date back. Repeat this process as many times as you like to earn an infinite amount of Gold from your land.

UPDATED: even if in a first note this trick was reported as working also on Fable 3 we report that instead it is only practicable on Fable 2. We thank all those who reported this thing (including the idiot who did it his way by writing an unpublishable comment (guarantees you idiot too!)) and remember that at the moment the only way to do some extra grain is the one shown here (with unpatched game).

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