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    F1 2013 - Trophy List [PS3]

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    F1 2013 - Trophy List [PS3]


    Here is the list of Trophies for Playstation 3 of F1 2013

    Bronze Silver Gold Platinum




    Last day of school
    Complete all tests for young drivers.
    In search of gold
    Earn a gold medal in a test for young drivers.
    All in one go
    Set a valid time in the single lap qualification.
    Without fail
    Take pole position in single lap qualifying.
    Complete a race in Career mode without incident.
    Conquer the podium in a Career Race or Season Challenge.
    Nothing help
    Win a race without driving aids.
    Subjective competitions
    Complete 10 races using cockpit view only.
    Pole Position
    Conquer pole position in Career mode.
    Share that screen!
    Complete 3 races in split screen mode.
    No goal is impossible
    Earn all objectives in a race weekend in the Season Challenge.
    Defeat your first rival in the Season Challenge.
    Defeat four rivals in one season of the Season Challenge.
    Family stable
    Stay in the same stable for an entire season in the Season Challenge.
    From the beginning
    Return to your starting stable in a Season Challenge.
    Compete for five different teams in a single season of the Season Challenge.
    To win!
    Win the Drivers' Championship in the Season Challenge.
    In one year…
    In Career mode, finish research and development of the current car early.
    The fastest
    Set the fastest lap in each session of a long career race weekend.
    From bottom to head
    In Career mode, qualify in last position and win the race.
    Numerous opportunities
    In Career mode, change teams over the course of the championship.
    Five stars
    In Time Trial mode, set a clean lap across 5 different circuits.
    Times upon times
    Set a valid time in each Backlash scenario.
    Medal of Honor
    Earn a medal in Scenario mode.
    Always online
    Complete 25 online races.
    I've tried them all
    Establish a clean lap on all Time Trial circuits.
    My savior
    Make a mid-season save.
    Attack rookie
    Earn a medal in every Newcomer Pilot scenario in Scenario mode.
    Earn a medal in every Companion Challenge scenario in Scenario mode.
    Earn a medal in every Drivers' Championship scenario in Scenario mode.
    Earn a medal in every Ultimate League scenario in Scenario mode.
    Complete all tests First day in the tests for young drivers.
    Set a clean lap at Brands Hatch and Jerez in the Time Trial with the Ferrari 312 T2.
    Re Mida
    Earn a gold medal in every test for young drivers.
    FORMULA ONE driver
    Complete a race 100% in Career or Grand Prix.
    Difficulty champion
    Win the Drivers' Championship in Season Challenge on Hard Mode.
    World champion pilots
    Win the driver's title in Career mode on any difficulty level.
    World constructors champion
    Win the constructors title in Career mode.
    Coop pilot world champion
    Earn the title of driver's world champion in Cooperative mode.
    Team title
    Earn the title of constructors' world champion in co-op mode.
    Online obsession
    Complete 50 online races.
    Pause in testing
    Win an online race with a Classic '80 car in Jerez.
    Believe in yourself
    Earn gold in the Classic 80's Time Attack Challenge.
    Gold fever
    Earn a gold medal in each of the Time Attack scenarios.
    Gold digger
    Earn a gold medal in every scenario in Scenario mode.
    The passion of FORMULA ONE
    Earn every trophy in F1 2013.
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