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    F1 2011 - Trophy List [PS3]

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    F1 2011 - Trophy List [PS3]

    The complete list of Trophies.


    Here is the Trophies list for Playstation 3 of F1 2011

    Bronze Silver Gold Platinum


    10 online
    10 online games.
    Blue flag
    Double at least 6 cars in one in any mode.
    Trophy collector
    Win at least once on all circuits in any mode.
    Smear stroke
    With damage after a contact against a wall in Monaco, you win the race.
    Score a time on all tracks in Time Trial mode.
    Car control
    Win a race with no help activated in any game mode.
    Do it yourself
    Win a race in any mode using manual shifting.
    Spend a total of 10 minutes in the wake of an opponent in any game mode.
    You opened the season
    Complete your first race in career mode.
    Have you considered DIRT 3?
    You drifted 10 meters or more.
    Jenson sta passando o no?
    Win the Turkish Grand Prix as Lewis Hamilton.
    Make a pit stop while the safety car is on track.
    Pole position
    You have conquered the first pole position of your career.
    Flawless performance
    Win a race starting from pole position in any game mode.
    Which button?
    Win a race without activating the KERS or movable rear wing.
    Slap on the wrist
    Receive a drive-through and then go on to win the race.
    During the first lap in heavy rain, he takes the lead by starting 5th or worse.
    Push the button
    Contactless overtaking with activated KERS.
    Stay away
    Finish an online race without any contact with an opponent.
    Test driver
    Complete a total of 805 kilometers in free practice during your career.
    Keep your friends close
    Complete an entire season in co-op.
    Winging It
    A contactless overtaking with the moving wing activated.
    35 online
    Win 35 online races.
    At the last breath
    Take the lead on the last lap of a race with a duration of 20% or more and win.
    It is the driver not the car
    Win the Drivers' Championship with two different teams in career or co-op mode.
    It's only the beginning
    You won the first race in career mode.
    Lighting bolt
    You scored the best race lap in any mode.
    Precise guidance
    You completed a race without collisions with other cars or objects.
    The texture of a robot
    Complete 5 consecutive laps with a time that differs at most 0,250 seconds from the best lap time.
    Win the Constructors title in co-op mode.
    On The Bounce
    Beat Alberto Ascari's record by 9 consecutive wins in career mode.
    Solid performance
    Score points in every race of the season in career or co-op.
    On the podium
    In any race of his career he finishes in the top 3.
    Sublime talent
    You set the fastest lap in all sessions in a long weekend in any mode.
    Constructors' Championship
    Win the constructors' championship in career mode.
    Drivers Championship
    Win the driver's championship in career mode.
      Co-op drivers championship
    Win the Co-op Drivers' Championship.
    Drivers' championship (difficult)
    Win the driver's championship in career mode on hard or expert level.
    Collect all trophies.


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