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    F1 2010 Trophies [PS3]

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    F1 2010 Trophies [PS3]


    Here is the list of Trophies for Playstation 3 of F1 2010

    Instant impact
    Defeat your most experienced teammate in the first league with a new stable
    Practice makes perfect
    Take part in the 3 free practices of a Grand Prix
    Complete your first race in career mode
    Face the press
    Give your first interview with the press
    In search of development
    Successfully complete a research and development test
    Sign a contract with a prestigious team
    One two
    You and your teammate conquer the top two places in a race in career mode
    Clean race
    Complete a race without any crashes
    Beyond the sound barrier
    Exceeds 353 km / h
    Real view
    Complete a single player race using only the cockpit camera
    Silver arrow
    Win the German Grand Prix driving a Mercedes in single player
    Rain king
    Win a GP longer than 20% in single player mode with pouring rain
    Against all odds
    Win a single player race starting from last position
    I'm not afraid of ghosts
    Set a record time in Time Trial mode
    Win a race using a tuning developed by you
    Second chance
    Win a race after using a Flashback
    Impeccable stop
    Make a perfect pit stop
    Complete a race using manual gears
    The magic number
    Win three races in career mode
    Impress your boss
    Reach and exceed one of the career goals
    Attention magnet
    Win a race after being offered a new contract
    In the spotlight
    Reach the contractual objectives of a team that leads the world championship
    First guide
    Become the first driver of a team thanks to a promotion or a transfer
    Overwhelming voting
    Beat your teammate in every race for an entire championship
    Better than Schumacher
    Win from pole position at least 41 times over the course of your career
    Unreliable proof
    Win first place in each of the three free practice sessions of a Grand Prix
    Pole position
    Get your first pole position in single player
    Step onto the podium after a race in Career or Grand Prix mode
    The highest step
    Win a race in Career or Grand Prix mode
    You got pole and won the race in Monte Carlo
    World Champion
    Win the drivers' world championship
    Strength of character
    Choose the strongest rival in the league
    From Maranello to Monza
    Win in Monza driving a Ferrari in single player
    Online win
    Win your first ranked online Grand Prix
    Level 10
    Reach level 10 online
    Complete a multiplayer race without ever clashing with opponents
    CV sent
    Beat a member of the F1 2010 ™ development team or a player who beat him
    Lights of the scene
    Get ahead of your rival in the final championship standings
    Long career
    Complete seven full leagues
    Perfect ride
    Get pole by setting the best time on each sector in single player mode
    Professional pilot
    Win a single player race without any driving aid
    Perfect Grand Prix
    In single player mode, get the best time in free practice, pole and victory
    Complete your first Formula 1 championship
    World stable
    Win the Constructors' World Title
    World champion bis
    Win the world title twice
    Two and five
    Reach level 25 online
    Finish in the points in every race of a championship
    World Champion - Eperto
    Win the Drivers' World Championship on Expert difficulty
    Three of a kind world champion
    Win the world title three times
    Super 50
    Reach level 50 online
    Unlock all other trophies

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