Exotic Weapons Upgrade Guide

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Destiny: Exotic Weapon Upgrades Guide [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3]


With the release of the "Darkness From Below" DLC, the mysterious XUR, Agent of Nine has gained a new role in Destiny. This particular weekend vendor can now upgrade Exotic weapons as well, as long as you can afford his services. Let's see how to do it.

Exotic Weapons Upgrade Guide

Please note: this change applies to all players, not just those who own the Darkness from the Deep DLC

In exchange for glimmer (around 7000) and an Ascendant Shard, XUR will upgrade one of your exotic weapons by improving its stats.

How to find XUR
XUR is a special merchant who appears in a random location every weekend. Sells exotic weapons and other special loot in exchange for Strange Coins. XUR's in-store inventory changes weekly, meaning it will only upgrade a few exotic weapons during each of its appearances.
As mentioned the location is random, but almost always somewhere in the Citadel.

How to get Ascending Shards
In addition to the various ways to obtain them as RANDOM loot in the various Destiny activities (see Destiny Materials, Brands and Coins guide for more details), the only way to obtain these precious fragments is to disassemble the exotic weapons. Alternatively, you can buy them from XUR, each fragment will cost you 7 strange coins (follow the Destiny strange coins guide).

Upgrading an Exotic Weapon resets all acquired perks. This means that you will need to repurchase any perk after the upgrade. This can lead to lower stats for the upgraded Exotic weapon than they did before the upgrade. Obviously, by getting the various perks again, the stats will be far greater than before.

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