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    Evolve - Trophy List [PS4]

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    Evolve - Trophy List [PS4]


    Here is the list of Trophies for Playstation 4 of Evolve

    Bronze Silver Gold Platinum



    Exterminator of fauna

    Kill 1.390 creatures (tutorials excluded).




    Kill an entire squad of hunters with a monster in the first stage.



    Death from above

    Kill the monster while in mid-air (tutorials excluded).




    Achieve 95% or more accuracy against predators in one match (tutorials excluded).




    Win a game by spending most of your time in the air (tutorials excluded).



    Little ninja!

    Kill a hunter without taking damage (tutorials excluded).



    Death to tyranny

    Save a teammate from a tyrant (tutorials excluded).




    Kill the monster without taking damage (tutorials excluded).



    Help out

    Revive 25 helpless hunters (tutorials excluded).



    Only against the monster

    Kill a monster in the third stage while you are the only hunter alive (tutorials excluded).



    Vegan police

    Win a game as a hunter without killing wildlife.




    Win a game in under 2:05 minutes.




    Kill the monster while helpless (tutorials excluded).



    With our powers united

    Win Extraction as a hunter.



    Get away from my planet

    Win Extraction as a monster.



    Who starts well ...

    Complete the monster tutorial.




    Destroy 100 items (tutorials excluded).



    Instant artist

    Create a badge in the profile panel.



    It bloody ...

    Win 25 matches in Hunt mode.



    Knock Knock

    Win 25 games in Defense mode.



    We are not killers

    Win 25 games in Rescue mode.



    Time of revenge

    Win 25 games in Nest mode.



    I have a gold star

    Get gold in the hunter tutorial.



    Coconut of the teacher

    Get gold in the monster tutorial.




    Win a game of Hunt with a 4-player Party.



    Without class

    Win a game without using your class skill.



    A taste of Shear

    Kill one of each creature on Shear (tutorials excluded).



    Thank you

    See the accolades from start to finish.



    Left For Dead

    Defuse a hunter and leave him to bleed out (tutorials excluded).



    Quick change fanatic

    Inflict monster damage with each class in a match.



    Mud monster

    Win a game by spending most of your time in stealth (tutorials excluded).



    Evolutionary madness!

    Evolve with the monster up to the third stage 25 times (tutorials excluded).



    Natural selection

    Complete an entire Mining campaign without dying.



    Got it!

    Sneak up on the last hunter alive to finish a game (tutorials excluded).




    Win a game with the monster without damage to the hunters up to the third stage (tutorials excluded).



    Counter Strike

    Attack a hunter within 15 seconds of his deployment in Hunt mode (tutorials excluded).



    Beat them all

    Win a match in all online modes.



    Reward addiction

    Get 25 unique rewards.



    Basic training

    Complete the hunter tutorial.



    I live ... Redux

    Become helpless, make a quick switch and revive yourself.



    Equal opportunity hunters

    Win a match with half the team of the opposite sex (tutorials excluded).



    Collect them all!

    Unlock all hunters and monsters.




    Reach Elite level with a monster.




    Reach Elite level with a Hunter.




    Watch all the tutorial videos.




    Win a game with the monster without losing health (tutorials excluded).



    12-sided nut

    Reach Elite level with all hunters.



    Three like us

    Reach Elite level with all monsters.



    Best predator

    Reach rank 40.



    Evolve Platinum Trophy

    Get all other trophies.

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