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Raise your hand, those of you dear readers, as a child, were not afraid of a monster ...

Here, in Evolve, you should not be afraid, and indeed, arm yourself with courage and your joypad and get ready to hunt down mammoth ones.

Let's start from the beginning. Evolve, a shooter with survival-horror elements developed by Turtle Rock Studios (who of you does not remember the Left 4 Dead series?) And published by 2K Games, basically consists of a 4 vs 1 monster hunt, in which 4 players will use as many character classes, to defeat the fifth, which will use the monster.

The game in one faction or the other is completely different:

- when we use the monster we will be faced with a third person view, with stealth mode and with the aim of evolving our super monster in 3 stages, which can be reached by eating the rest of the fauna of the excellent maps created by the developers, and to kill all hunters;
- in the role of hunters instead it is a first person shooter, with 4 classes: stormtrooper, trapper, support e medical health insurance, with different skills and three characters with different armaments for each class, with which we will have to launch into epic open-faced hunts.

Obviously there are several game modes. Hunting, the main one, consists in chasing the monster, preventing it from reaching the third evolution, because once it reaches the final state, it can destroy the central relay, and it also seemed to us the most successful way.

To find the monster you will absolutely have to look around, look for clues, such as stripped carcasses, birds fleeing the passage of the imposing beast and above all remain in a group, because being in front of one of the types of beast alone, is an experience that brings the your poor character to certain death.

Nest e Rescue they are two complementary modalities with some rather interesting variations on the theme. In the first, hunters must explore the map in search of six alien eggs to destroy within ten minutes, while the monster has the task of defending the eggs and hatching them to give birth to AI-controlled followers who will assist him during the clashes with humans. themselves. In the second, the hunters are looking for six survivors to free and escort to the rescue area, also in this case, the survivors are controlled by artificial intelligence that leads them to follow us and even fight with our team.

In DefenseInstead, the aim is to defend the evacuation point of the colonists of the planet with shields, from the monster and other creatures, for as long as possible, in a mode that winks at DOTA 2 from which it seems to take inspiration.

Last, but not least and fun, the mode Evacuation, which combines 5 different modes, among those described above, in 5 turns linked together with videos, in which the winning faction of the round gets bonuses in the next one.

The classes of the hunters are well balanced, as are the skills of the various characters, of which the first 4 represent a sort of entry level with which to acclimate to the game, with more powerful skills as you level up / unlock the others role skins.

Certainly the Trapper has a fundamental role, in fact it often happens to be in games in which the player who uses this class is not up to par, making it almost impossible to succeed in the mission, and even in the case in which the AI ​​uses it. it is very difficult to eliminate the mammoth enemy.

Even the monsters, initially present in the game, are of three types (Goliath, Kraken and Ghost) and have well-studied powers / abilities that allow a fair amount of different approaches and undoubtedly take the role of the monster and devour creatures / hunters as well as being a brilliant idea of ​​programmers is just fun, even if the first few times you will be fooled by hunters in minutes.

The game also features a single player campaign, which features the same modes described above, but with AI instead of players. It will serve you more to familiarize yourself than anything else, because unfortunately the AI ​​is not memorable, and we are sure that you will soon prefer the unpredictability of your friends or other real players.

From a purely technical point of view, Evolve enjoys excellent graphics, with truly inspired maps (there are 12 for the moment) well developed also vertically, has an excellent sound sector, both at an environmental level and at the level of sampling of weapons and special powers, and the dubbing in other languages ​​is of excellent workmanship.

The battles are always fresh and hardly bore the player, except in sporadic cases in which the hunt lasts too long, and some of the tension is lost, which normally makes this game unique in its kind, since it will succeed, with both. factions to keep you glued to the screen for many hours.



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