El Camino: The Breaking Bad movie, Aaron Paul talks about the ending

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El Camino: The Breaking Bad Movie, is finally available on Netflix. The story of Jesse pinkman has finally found a conclusion in this film but, right at the end, a not indifferent question arises. It goes without saying that, of course, the article from here on contains spoilers about the film and it is therefore advisable not to continue reading in case you have not seen the film.

In the final El Camino sequence, we find Jesse Pinkman delivering a letter to Ed Galbraith, which we discover was addressed to the little boy. Brock, who was orphaned by his mother Andrea precisely because of Jesse's kidnappers. The content of the letter, however, remains unknown to the public. To speak of the words contained within it is precisely Aaron Paul, interpreter of Jesse, who stated:

It was the first thing Vince wrote when he got his hand on the script. He wrote that letter and then wrote the script. In the original version the film ended with a voiceover reading the contents of the letter, but unfortunately the scene was cut. It was the most honest and beautiful letter imaginable, really, she really put her heart into it to apologize.

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