Dying Light, all the easter eggs with references to video games

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Dying Light, all the easter eggs with references to video games


Dying Light is a game full of all kinds of easter eggs. After seeing the zombies dancing Gangnam Style, today we list all easter eggs that contain clear references to other games. Don't forget to consult the Dying Light cheats and guides tab for other guides and easter eggs about this game.

Destiny reference
We covered it in a separate guide which you can read here: Destiny's loot cave in Dying Light. What cute rascals ...

Riferimento a The Last of Us
During the Bunker mission, when you have the objective to "enter the Bunker", it will be possible to go to the Town Hall and go up the stairs to arrive in front of an elevator. As the elevator door opens, a zombie will pop out that looks very (very much) like The Last of Us Clickers. Watch the video

Super Mario world 1-1
To find this easter egg you have to go up to the roof of the last building in the southwestern corner of the old city. Here you have to jump over a strange pipe and press the indicated key. Upon entering the player will find himself in a new area where you have to jump on the enemies to kill them and you can only go forward or backward. Doesn't it remind you of anything ??? Watch the video

Riferimento a Plants Vs Zombie
This other incredible Dying Light easter egg can be experienced firsthand during the "Broadcast" mission. Once you are at the top of the tower, use the zipline to slide down, then continue forward to find another one right away. Use it and, once you get off, keep going down the rocks until you find a small yellow flower. Press the button and you will find yourself in front of the scene shown in the video.

... and you have discovered other secrets? Feel free to use the comments or post directly in our forum, we will update the guide with your feedback.

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