Dungeon Siege 3 Trophy List [PS3]

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Dungeon Siege 3 Trophy List [PS3]


Here is the Trophies list for Playstation 3 of Dungeon Siege 3

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum


Guardian of Ehb
Complete the game with Lucas
Fiery judgment
Complete the game with Anjali.
The summoner
Complete the game with Katarina.
The calculation of the victory
Complete the game with Reinhart.
We are the Legion
Recruit all three NPC companions.
The exhibitionist
Equip a variety and arsenal of rare items or artifacts.
Supreme charisma
Get maximum influence on all companions.
Circle of friends
Get at least one level of ascendancy with all group members.
Merchant of Ehb
Sell ​​items worth 100.000 gold. 
Unwavering champion
Survive 100.000 damage points in one adventure without taking them in one hit.
One mind
Accept your friends' responses 20 times in one session.
Don't accept your friends' replies 20 times in one session.
Join a conversation where all 4 players agree on what to say.
Military intelligence
Join a conversation where all 4 players disagree on what to say.
Join another player's game and use an enhanced defensive ability.
The company of the level
Level up in a match to 4.
Nerds hate sunlight
Play with a friend for three or more hours in one session.
Archon wakes up
Reach level 20 with Anjali.
Legendary Guardian
Reach level 20 with Lucas.
Two perfect tens
Reach level 20 with Katarina.
Epic erudition
Reach level 20 with Reinhart.
Archambaud's curse
Destroy 50 automatons during the battle with Elder Galante Milord.
Flawless victory
Get through the final battle without having to be revived by a teammate.
Child's play
Win a fight with a monster using only your starting equipment.
Master of knowing
Unlock 60 story tracks in one career.
Greetings between brothers
Defeat a monster in battle by playing with Lucas and Reinhart.
The moment of comfort
Force Jeyne to escape before defeating her maids.
Finish the game in a game of 4.
Rivale di Rajani
Defeat Rajani without using your healing ability.
Two girls, one monster
Defeat a monster in battle by playing with Anjali and Katarina.
View from above
Reach level 30.
The perfectionist
Complete the main mission and all side missions.
Circle of winners
Complete the game.
Complete the game on hard level.
Platinum Dungeon Siege Trophy 3
Collect all Trophies.


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Sacred Meeting
You spoke to the Radiant Youth in the Mournweald
Trial by Fire
You defeated the archon, Ranjani
Through the Murky Mire
You survived a journey through the Eastern Swamp
Stonebridge Alliance
You forged an alliance between Stonebridge and the 10th Legion
Long Live the Queen
You broke the siege at Glitterdelve and saved Queen Roslyn
Aspire to Victory
You stormed the Spire and defeated Jeyne Kassynder
Lescanzi ally
You ceded control of Gunderic Manor to Leona
Legion Caretaker
You decided that Gunderic Manor should remain in Legion hands
Royalist Ally
You have shown unwavering support to the Crown
You freed all the prisoners in the Spire



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