Duke Nukem Forever - Trophy [PS3]

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Duke Nukem Forever - Trophy [PS3]


Here is the Trophies list for Playstation 3 of Duke Nukem Forever

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum


Kill 50 aliens.
Kill 100 aliens.
Nuclear devastation
Kill 250 aliens.
Kill 12 aliens.
Judge, jury and executioner
Justice 20 aliens.
Bomb it
Kill 10 aliens with mines.
Frozen department
Kill 15 frozen aliens.
Violent autistic
Kill 15 aliens with the Monster Truck.
Kill 6 aliens with the forklift.
Useful accessories
Kill 10 aliens with explosives on the map.
Kill 10 aliens with thrown items.
Duke pissed off, Duke beat up!
Kill 15 aliens with melee attacks while under the influence of steroids.
Yum Yum
Eat 10 pieces of food during the single player campaign.
Nuca Nukem
Kill 30 aliens with headshots.
Triple natural disaster
Kill 3 aliens in one shot.
Definitely clumsy
Get hit on the ground 10 times.
Stool hunter
Find and seize a piece of puppet.
I need a towel
Get hit by 10 Impregnator bombs.
Baron of Nukem
Take down 20 alien fighters.
Compulsive planner
View all the pages of a calendar in Campaign mode.
I'll stick this to you!
Place a mine on a living alien.
Big ship, big gun
Detonate 5 enemy gunboats or landing shuttles.
Drink of the gods
Have a beer in campaign mode.
Breakfast of Champions
Take steroids in Campaign mode.
It has a hologram!
Use a HoloDuke in campaign mode.
Little boy
Scribble something on the board in Campaign mode.
Psychotropic cocktail
Take steroids with beer in Campaign mode.
A walk
Complete Campaign mode on Easy difficulty.
  Special thanks
Read the credits to the end.
Head protected
Find the 3 helmets in the single player campaign.
Party animal
Drink all the beers in the strip club.
Kill all the catfish in the underwater level.
Damn Sunday
Shoot down the airship on the stadium.
I don't like losers
Knock out the young talent on the talk show.
A lot of beating
Win a match of the Alien Abortion game in the strip club.
Barile, faithful friend
Unlock the secret storage room at the end of the The Depot map.
Cyclopean horror
Defeat the Cycloid.
Citizen champion
Defeat the Battlelord in Las Vegas.
Sample on the dam
Defeat the Battlelord at the Hoover Dam.
Win a 7-0 air hockey game at the strip club.
Steel balls
Get a score of 1.000.000 on pinball in Campaign mode.
Beat the worm with one eye
Defeat the Energy Leech.
Switchboard operator
Listen to all phone messages.
Carry the golden gun with you for the entire campaign.
A real man
Discover all the rewards of Ego.
Complete Campaign mode on Medium difficulty.
Not bad ... for a human
Defeat the Alien Queen.
Defeat the Octaking.
Come and get them
Complete Campaign mode on Hard difficulty.
I'm fucking strong
Complete Campaign mode on Absurd difficulty.
Savior of the universe
Collect all trophies.

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