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    Duke Nukem Forever - Helmets Guide [unlocks "Protected Head"]

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    Duke Nukem Forever - Helmets Guide [unlocks "Protected Head"]

    The Duke wears Spartan


    In the Duke Nukem Forever campaign there are hidden (but not really hidden hidden) particular elements that unequivocally refer to other fairly famous characters in the world of video games.

    This is the helmet of Master Chief (Halo), the diving suit of Isaac (Dead Space) and the gas mask of the Bandit Raider (Borderlands).

    You will need to find all three of these helmets to unlock the achievement:

    Head protected - Find the 3 helmets in the single player campaign.

    If you have difficulty finding them, the position of the three helmets is shown in the following video.

    Guide to the 3 helmets
    Don't see the video? Click here - Use comments to report videos that are no longer valid

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