Duke Nukem Forever - Guide to telephone messages [unlocks "Receptionist"]

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Duke Nukem Forever - Guide to telephone messages [unlocks "Receptionist"]

A telephone for the Duke.


Duke Nukem Forever's goal and "Switchboard Operator" trophy it asks us to find all the phones scattered in the game Campaign and listen to the recorded telephone messages. In this video guide the position of all the phones is shown (and what else !!)

Before leaving you to the movie I also indicate the minute where each chapter of the game begins with the related phones

Chapter DUKE LIVES (beginning) - 1 Telephone
Chapter THE DUKE DOME (minute 0:55) - 1 Telephone
Chapter DUKE NUKEM'S TITTY CITY (minute 1:38) 4 Phones
Chapter THE DUKE BURGER (4:22 minutes) 1 Telephone
THE MIGHTY FOOT Chapter: PART 2 minute (6:04) 2 Phones
THE SHRUNK MACHINE Chapter (7:55 minutes) 1 Telephone
GENERATOR ROOM chapter (9:43 minutes) 1 Telephone
THE CLARIFIER Chapter (11:19 minutes) 2 Phones
THE CLARIFIER Chapter: PART 2 (13:40 pm) 1 Telephone

Guide to telephone messages
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