DualSense: Sony has released the official drivers on Linux

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Although the configuration of the mouse and keyboard is the standard one for those who interface with the world of video games on PC, however, there are a large number of titles that work best with a controller (just think of the Dark Souls). For this reason, many users Linux they will be happy to learn that the official drivers for the controller are coming soon Dualense di PlayStation 5. The open source operating system has been supporting Sony products for a while now, thanks to drivers hid-sony, but according to the site Sony Phoronix released the new drivers over the weekend hid-playstation which allow you to use DualSense in Linux in both USB that in mode Bluetooth.

Also included in the new drivers is official support for controller LEDs, motion sensors, touchpad, battery and rumble. Just like DualSense support a Steam added last month, however, controller next-generation haptic feedback and adaptive triggers will not be supported. Also, while the hid-playstation drivers are technically not yet available for regular download as they are still under review, interested users can still try any of the thirteen patches currently available.

While it may be some time before the average Linux user is able to properly use the new drivers, the fact that this is being worked on will be appreciated by many gamers. DualSense is widely considered to be one of the best features of Sony's new home console and overall one of the best controllers currently out there. With a little patience it will soon be available to all Linux users. To conclude, we invite you to read our article about it if you want to get more details on the new Sony home controller.

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