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    Mortal Kombat X: how to access all areas of the Kripta [interactive objects guide]


    Let's see how to unlock all the secret areas of the Kripta.

    Drive interactive objects

    In Crypt of Mortal Kombat X some areas are locked and the only way to access them is to use gods particular interactive objects found in the Krypt itself. Below you will find the complete list of all these objects along with the exact coordinates to find them in the Kripta and the areas that can be unlocked using these items.

    Once you have access to all areas, use our complete guide to the Mortal Kombat X Krypt to uncover all the hidden stuff inside.

    Ermac pendant
    Coordinate: -5, 18 (Dark Pass)
    Which Zone Unlocks: Unknown

    Jax's rocket launcher
    Coordinate: 0, 12 (Khan's Stronghold)
    Which Zone Unlocks: Shrine Of The Dead (Coordinates -11, 12)

    Kitana di Kenshi
    Coordinate: 5, 30 (Shadow Spider's Hive)
    Which Zone Unlocks: Hollow Grounds Area (Coordinates 0, 25)

    Spada di Kotal Khan
    Coordinate: 22, 34 (Kotal's Kavern)
    Which Zone Unlocks: Shadow Spider's Hive and Switch Passage

    Kung Lao hat
    Coordinate: -7, 12 in the Shadow Spider Kave
    Quale zona sblocca: Hanging Bridge Access (Coordinate -10, 21 in Shadow Spider Kave)

    Fireball (fireball) Liu Kang
    Coordinate: 0, 6 (Shao Kahn's Tomb)
    Which Zone Unlocks: White Lotus Temple (Coordinates -20, 4)

    Raiden's Bracket
    Coordinate: 5,11 (Shadow Spider Kave)
    Which Zone Unlocks: Elder Chasm (Coordinates 20, 23) and Hidden Room (Coordinates 6, 24 in Spider Gem Hold)

    Reptile's claw
    Coordinate: 6, 30 (Widow's Pass)
    Which Zone Unlocks: Unknown

    Harpoon of Scorpion
    Coordinate: -13, 19 (Walkway Of Souls)
    Which Zone Unlocks: Scorpion Pit

    Spider Gem
    Coordinate: Scorpion's Pit
    Which Zone Unlocks: Room Of Sacrifice

    Iceball by Sub Zero
    Coordinate: -21, 20 (Frost Path)
    Which Zone Unlocks: Unknown

    If the coordinates are not enough, watch the following video which shows where all these objects are located

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