Dreams - Complete Guide to the Glossary of the Dream Universe

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One of the most interesting peculiarities of Dreams, the last work of Media Molecule, is the presence of a real game ecosystem, which uses its own terminologies and interactions to communicate with anyone who approaches it. A bit like when you enter the world of video games, with strange words that surround the dialogues such as "Dungeon" or "Raid" it is good to know the terms of this dream universe: here they are listed all below.

  • Dream base - Your own Hub within the Sogniverso (the Dream universe), which can be customized and visited by other dreamers
  • Element - These are the objects placed to populate the game scenes
  • Scene - Scenes are the various scenes are the foundation of Dreams as well as the workspaces for creators.
  • Dream - Player creations, consisting of a certain number of scenes
  • Collection - A series of creations grouped for a specific reason, as you like them
  • Sogniverso - The entire online area of ​​Dreams, where Dreams of Dreamers are contained
  • Dreamer - All Dreams players, whether they only deal with creating or playing the Dreams of others
  • Dream creation - All Dreams creations, from games to feature films
  • Journey through dreams - Zapping between the various Dreams of the Dream Universe
  • Travel automatically - Useful feature to automatically play all Dreams of a Playlist or random dreams if used in research
  • Quick save - Useful for saving your creation immediately, overwriting the previous quick save
  • Save version - Permanently save a version of a creation, so that it can be divided into various sections during publication
  • Version - Several editions of the same creation, similar to various backups
  • Spread - Publish your creation online, dividing it into public, playable or private
  • Public - Anyone can modify the creation, without obviously becoming the original author
  • Playable - Playable creations are and can be used through research, but cannot be modified by other dreamers
  • private - If private, creations cannot be found by others, but only shared by the creator
  • Remix - Reinterpretation of any public creation
  • Genealogy - Tracking the evolution of a creation, including remixes
  • Acknowledgments creation - Details about the author and any user who collaborated
  • Collaborator - Anyone who collaborates in the creation of a Dream, can only modify and not publish
  • Assemble mode - Initial mode for creation
  • Sculpture mode - Main art mode to create and edit 3D shapes
  • Painting mode -Brush in 3D to bring paints to life
  • Coating mode - Retouching on existing creations
  • Style mode - Change the properties of the specks
  • Effects Mode - Add animated effects
  • Audio mode - Audio editor
  • Test mode - Test for own creations
  • Update mode - Update management of your dreams
  • Photo mode - Useful for immortalizing your creations
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