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    Dragon's Dogma - How to unlock the best weapons and armor

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    Dragon's Dogma - How to unlock the best weapons and armor


    Dragon's Dogma is a fairly large and challenging game. Here are the best weapons and armor you can find in this long adventure and what you need to do to unlock them.



    Armatura Abyssal
    As with most of the better items you will find this great set will be dropped from primeval dragon. You can find this dragon (also called Ur-dragon) in the Chamber of Lament after finishing the main quest of the game, as well as in New Game + in the beaches of Cassadris. The fight will be very tough, but in addition to this armor you will get other important rewards. At the end of the article you will find a video that will help you find the Dragon.

    Gold Idol
    Even more powerful armor can be purchased from the blacksmith after giving him a special item called Golden idol. Here is a guide that explains in detail where to find the Golden Idol.



    Spada Dragon's Bite
    To get this awesome sword, defeat the final boss and complete the main story. This sword can be used in New Game + mode and post-game quests.

    After completing the game, you will be able to explore Everfall even deeper. There are two merchants in this sector, one selling gold bracelets and another selling some of the best equipment available in the game, including weapons.

    Items from the Primeval Dragon
    As explained for the armor, this very difficult boss once defeated (but also during the fight) will drop a series of very important objects, including very powerful weapons. Above is explained how to find it, while below you can also see a video on the subject.

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