Dragon's Dogma - How to earn easy gold

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Dragon's Dogma - How to earn easy gold


In this new guide dedicated to Dragon's Dogma (I remind you that all the others are collected, as always, in the cheats tab of the game) let's see a method to use in the game to accumulate a lot of extra gold.

Here's how to proceed

Hire some pawns in the fault making sure you choose the ones that can carry as much weight as possible. Then go to the Cassardis Inn and remove everything you can from your equipment and inventory, storing everything so you don't lose anything.

Now, lighter than a feather, go out and continue straight until you find Lola's fruit and vegetable shop (it should be on your left). Here you buy as many carrots as possible, up to the maximum that you and your piece can load (understand why it was necessary to lighten up?). Now go back to the inn and sleep for 3 days (I recommend doing it offline). After the 3 days of rest, once you get up by checking the carrots you will notice that they are moldy. So go back to Lola and resell those carrots, she'll buy them back for a higher price. In this way you can earn a lot of easy Gold and multiply what you already have without much effort.



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