Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: guide to defeating the boss Mira [PS4 - Xbox One]

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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: guide to defeating the boss Mira [PS4 - Xbox One]


In this guide we see how to beat the boss Mira in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot.

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So here's how to prepare and face the battle against the Boss Mira, also watch the video at the bottom of the guide that shows how to win the fight.

Stock up on many healing items (equip them with your Pallete by going to the Pause Menu - Items - Registration Palette). For healing items, mainly use the Z-energy supplement whenever your first health bar is depleted. If your health gets very low, use a Senzu bean to restore 100% health (they grow back over time at the top of the Tower of Korin; talk to the NPC cat there).

Bring Ultra Healade as a final option (recover 30% health per use). Healing items are quite expensive, so gear up, use Shenron's wishes to earn money after finding all seven Dragon Balls (gives 100.000 each time), and sell items from your inventory to traders (the fastest way is to find a cave with many rare crystals, destroy them, create manual save, reload save, all reappear, destroy crystals again and repeat).

As long as you have enough healing items, you can brutally force this fight, without skills. You can easily do this at level 70+. Make sure you put two other characters on your team to help out (the higher level ones). Always use Saiyan 3 transformation, as you deal more damage this way. Use only melee attacks. Super attacks tend to only deal 1 damage due to the huge difference in level. If you're still having trouble defeating him, complete all available side missions to level up (but this shouldn't be necessary with enough healing items).

Here is the video showing how to win against Mira in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

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