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    Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: guide to all wishes for Shenron [PS4 - Xbox One]

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    Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: guide to all wishes for Shenron [PS4 - Xbox One]


    How to summon Shenron to make wishes in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

    In Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Shenron, Dragon Balls and Wishes become available after completing the Freeza Saga.

    At this point you can start looking for the Dragon Balls as explained in guide to find the Dragon Balls in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot.

    Once you have collected all seven orbs, open the main menu and select "Dragon Balls" to summon Shenron, where you can choose a wish from the wish list.

    All the wishes of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

    Repeatable wishes

    • Voglio Z Orbs !: 10.000 Blue Orbs, 10.000 Yellow Orbs, 10.000 Red Orbs, 10 Rainbow Orbs
    • I want to be rich !: 30.000 Zeni
    • I Want Rare Items !: Whole Roast on the Bone x1, Juicy Steamed Bun x1, Searing Tofu x1, Refreshing Seafood Soup x1, Rich Seafood Soup x1, Fish Rice Ball x1, Seafood Pasta Fresh x1, Thick Sesame Dumpling x1, Sugary Cupcake x1, Crumbly Fried Rice x1, Awakening Water x5, Greater Awakening Water x5

    Unrepeatable wishes

    • I want to fight Raditz again!
    • I want to fight Nappa again!
    • I want to fight Dodoria again!
    • I want to fight Zarbon again!
    • I want to fight the Ginyu Force again!
    • And more!

    The desire "And more!" allows you to fight again basically any character who doesn't appear in the series again for a second fight. When you summon a character for a battle they will appear somewhere on the map. Once you find it, there will be some new dialogue as it's not just a simple repeat battle, but it's actually a new little sequence. This is why it is really worth continuing to express wishes from Shenron, also because the rewards will always be better than in the other battles.

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