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    Dragon Age Inquisition Top 10 Inquisition Specialties [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]

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    Dragon Age Inquisition Top 10 Inquisition Specialties [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


    It is important to note that in Dragon Age Inquisition until the end of the game you will have about 12 skill points to spend on the skills of the Inquisition, so choosing well and not wasting any of them is therefore essential.

    Most perks have pre-requisites such as unlocking a previous level, using a certain number of points in the category or completing some particular task in the game.

    One thing that players may be tempted to do, but which will turn out to be a big mistake, is to spend the points in a category for specializations that they really don't want, in order to meet the requirements in terms of points spent to get the skill. that you really want. Instead of doing this, it is best to find and recruit as many agents of the inquisition as possible. This is because the recruited agents count as a point spent in the category to which their talent belongs, for example: recruiting an agent who will end up in the Forces of the Inquisition is worth the same as spending a skill point in the Forces category, so for all other categories.

    Below you will find the 10 best specializations of Dragon Age Inquisition, in the opinion of the writer, of course.

    Please note: the names of the specializations are the original ones in English, if you want to help translate there are comments at the end of the article, no registration is required.

    10. True Grit
    Forces Category (Troops)
    Requirements = Capture a fortress
    Increases defense against any damage by 10%.

    9. Deft Hands, Fine Tools
    Category Secrets (Spies)
    Requirements = 4 points spent on Secrets (Spies)
    Allows Thieves to crack Masterwork locks with the option of unlocking more unique weapons / armor, rare blueprints, and valuable materials.

    8. The Short List
    Category Connections (Diplomats)
    Requirements = 5 points spent on Connections
    Merchants will offer Rare items of value

    7. Antivan Court Tailoring
    Category Inquisition
    Requirements = None
    Unlock 15 inventory slots

    6. Imperial Court Tailoring
    Category Inquisition.
    Requirements = requires Antivan unlocked.
    Unlock 15 inventory slots

    5. Advanced Focus
    Forces Category (Troops)
    Requirements = 5 points spent in Troops
    Unlock Rank 2 Focus Skills

    4. Master Focus
    Forces Category (Troops)
    Requirements = requires Advanced unlocked.
    Unlock Rank 3 Focus Skills

    3. Tempered Glass Flask
    Forces Category (Troops)
    Requirements = 5 points spent on Forces.
    Unlock the third slot for potions, tonics and grenades.

    2. Forward Scouts
    Category Secrets (Spies)
    Requirements = Capture a fortress
    Icons appear on the map showing additional points of interest

    1. More Healing Potions
    Forces Category (Troops)
    Requirements = 3 points spent on Forces
    Allows you to carry more healing potions, for a total of 12

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