Dragon Age 2 - Infinite skill points

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Dragon Age 2 - Infinite skill points

A glitch for infinite skill points.

This glitch is related to a downloadable content of the game and will most likely be fixed with a patch, so avoid game updates if you want to continue using it.

In Dragon Age 2 a game glitch allows you to have a unlimited number of skill points to spend on our character. Let's see how to do it.

First of all you need to access the Black Emporium DLC, since this is the only way to purchase Makers Sigh Potions. These potions reset your skill points and allow you to redistribute them again among the various skills.

Make sure you have assigned all your skill points. Now use a Makers Sigh potion, save your game and then restart by loading the saved game. You will notice that some of your Skill Points are still assigned, but at the same time you have all of your Skill Points to spend as you please. The process can be repeated indefinitely, until you have earned the desired skill points.

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