Dragon Age 2 - Guide to romance with Merril

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Dragon Age 2 - Guide to romance with Merril

How to make Merril fall in love and unlock "Romantic"


Are you playing Dragon Age 2 and want to make Merril fall in love with you, but you don't know how to do it or you can't? Here is a simple guide to follow to help you create a love story in this epic adventure. 

Succeeding in the quest, you will unlock the "Romantic" achievement / trophy..

To make Merril fall in love with you, you must mainly have: always interest in her opinions even when you are talking to other characters, complete the quests related to her and have given her gifts based on her personal tastes. Also you don't have to have Fenris and Merril on your team at the same time, because Fenris absolutely doesn't want to have anything to do with Magic and Wizards, so it will only bring trouble. It is best that you keep Varric and Isabela on the team while completing the Quests in Acts 2 and 3, as they are the characters that Merril will get along best with.

Merrill will join your party once the "Long Way Home" Quest is complete, please be courteous at all times and do not refer to his use of Blood Magic, but also be aware that choices made in conversation with Merrill can change your relationship. with the other characters. Once she joins your party, complete the "Welcome Home" Quest. At this point you will have to complete the Quest "Blackpowder Courtesy" which in turn will make the Quest "Mirror Image" available. To start it, go to Merrill's house, talk to her and decide to help her. After killing the Varterral during the "Mirror Image" Quest, DON'T choose the "Don't waste your tears" option to receive 5 friendship points. Then give the arulin'holm to Merril to receive another 15 friendship points at the end of the quest.

At this point you will have to go to her house and flirt with her. If the Questioning Beliefs Quest has become available, complete that as well. Go back to your villa, during the night Merrill will come to see you, talk to her and ask her to come and live with you. After this important choice, you will first have to go and buy a gift for Merril at Master Ilen's shop in Sundermount. Give her the gift at her home for another 15 friendship points. (see the character gift guide for more details).

The next gift you have to give her has to be the Sylvanwood ring. To get it, just accept the "Murderof Crows" Quest by talking to Nunico in Hightown and looking for the dead body of the Thief Leader. After giving him this umpteenth gift, make sure you've completed the quests "A Talking To" and "On The Loose" and visit Merrill at his old house to unlock his latest quest "a new path". Of course during the Quest you support all his decisions and stand by his side until the end. Once completed, talk to Merrill at Gallows Prison or Gallows Yard (depending on the end-game decision), to have the girl's heart definitively.

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