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    Dragon Age 2 - Gift Guide for Companions

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    Dragon Age 2 - Gift Guide for Companions

      The right gift for every character


    In Dragon Age 2 the interpersonal relationships between your character and the other protagonists who will gradually compose the party are also of some importance. The choices made, the actions taken and the things said affect the orientation of each of them that can tend towards friendship or rivalry.

    If you are trying to make friends with someone you must know that in the game there are objects that, if given to the right character, will make you earn a lot of friendship points towards him. This can be quite useful if you are in the race to unlock achievements such as "Friend" and "Intellectual Harmony" which demand that you earn the friendship of one or more of them.

    The following video shows the location of all the gifts that you can offer as gifts to your companions, make good use of them ...

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    Available for Dragon Age 2 :

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