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    DOOM: guide to kill the Supreme Arachnoment [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]

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    DOOM: guide to kill the Supreme Arachnoment [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]


    In this guide we see how to defeat the boss Arachnoment Supreme in DOOM per PS4, PC e Xbox One.

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    The Supreme Arachnoment is the final boss that we will meet at the end of Chapter 13 of the DOOM single campaign (2016). Watch the video to see a good strategy to take it out:

    Be careful because this boss has a lot of health. The first tip is to face this fight with a full tank of ammunition for the BFG (there are more than 2 points to refuel in the boss area).

    Shoot the boss's head with the BFG, he'll be stunned and vulnerable, then quickly switch to your most powerful weapon and shoot the brain (the chainsaw with the "mobile turret" mod is the best). In these few seconds you will have the opportunity to inflict enormous damage. With about 5 sequences of shots you should be able to take more than half of his health.

    For the rest of the fight you can also use the Gauss rifle with the "Precision Bolt" mod, remember to always aim for the brain because you will inflict much less damage to the legs.

    How to defend yourself from the boss's attacks

    Laser - dodge by jumping or crouching

    Melee - use it only when you are close enough, so always try to keep your distance, especially on higher difficulties

    Electric discharge - electrifies the entire room and deals heavy damage. Secure yourself by climbing the columns.

    Plasma Rifle - powerful but also easy to evade. Keep circling around the boss, or dodge to the side when he shoots.

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