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The football managers, despite never having achieved stratospheric sales, have managed to keep the interest of fans constant over the years, always ready to take on the role of coaches and managers in the management of their favorite team; all this even more so in Spain, a country where the passion for football and the conviction of being able to always and in any case do better than any Ancelotti, Capello, Lippi and colleagues go perfectly with the contents of the products in question. It is therefore interesting to see that one of the most famous and appreciated brands of the genre, namely Sega's Football Manager, has decided to also appear on the App Store to the delight of those who couldn't wait to always have tactics and schemes at hand. .

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Football Manager Handheld 2010 it is based on an intelligent reasoning made by programmers: it makes no sense to faithfully transport from PC to iPhone a game that, due to its complexity and "specific weight", would not adapt well to the nature of the Apple platform. A decision that is undoubtedly correct, but which requires painstaking precision and expertise when repositioning and selecting the contents to be maintained in the adaptation process; this is because if it is true that a Football Manager that is too complex would discourage a good portion of the user, on the other hand an excessive simplification would remove the soul of the product, alienating the historical fans of the series. The final result is, from our point of view, quite satisfactory. Football Manager Handheld 2010 in this incarnation it obviously allows you to choose a team among those present in 34 leagues of 11 nations (Australia, Belgium, Brazil, England, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Portugal, Scotland, Spain); for the Bel Paese there are formations starting from C1 upwards, each obviously with different budgets and seasonal objectives to be respected in order to keep their employment steady and not risk the exemption.

Obviously, the vast majority of the time spent will be "behind the scenes", that is, away from the pitch and from the actual games; the deep organizational work starts from the transfer market, a fundamental point to strengthen the squad and reduce it of unnecessary players, to then move on to the training phase in which it is possible to study specific paths for each athlete in order to enhance the most important characteristics. But since the game tries to replicate realistic situations, it is also necessary to establish "human" relationships, perhaps trusting your own striker with no goals or publicly calling a defender who is not very attentive. The set-up phase of the entire team is also important with the choice of mentality, the predominant type of passes, the strength of the contrasts and the use of techniques such as pressing and the offside trap; needless to say then of the tactics, with a whole series of schemes to be adopted and then "sewn" on their players to make them perform at their best. But a manager is not a simple coach, and for this reason the relationships with the management and with the observers always looking for new talents around the world should not be forgotten. Therefore, the moment of the actual game becomes only a fraction of the gameplay, which is probably the least successful given the lack of options available during this phase; the modifications that can be performed during the match are really reduced to the bone, thus making the meetings rather boring if not downright frustrating in the face of the reduced incisiveness that it is possible to have on the development of the same. The representation of the actions then, which takes place only via text or in 2d with a view from above on the playing field, certainly does not help in this sense. The game interface must then be added to the defect just described; if the navigation through the menus once you have become familiar is all in all acceptable even if a little chaotic, the management of the team by dragging the players to manage positions and replacements appears decidedly cloying and imprecise.

The tested version is 1.4
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Football Manager Handheld 2010 is a title developed with intelligence, in the face of the awareness on the part of programmers of the insurmountable limits of the hardware for which it was intended. A skilful cutting work has therefore given life to a coherent edition that does not appear out of place or oversized, but which obviously cannot guarantee the depth of the counterparts on a PC. What remains is therefore a rather expensive product compared to the standards of the App Store (9,99 euros), interesting for lovers of the genre and capable of giving satisfaction, as long as it is dealt with in small doses and turning a blind eye to some shortcomings. pleasant.


  • Smart portable fit
  • Good depth
  • Almost flawless content
  • Superficial match phase
  • High cost
  • In the long run, tiring
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