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    DMC Devil May Cry - How to earn easy Red Orbs [farming guide]

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    DMC Devil May Cry - How to earn easy Red Orbs [farming guide]


    In DMC: Devil May Cry i Globi rossi represent the game currency. Here are a couple of ways to earn as many as you want.

    Earning the Red Globes remains essential for acquiring new weapons and skills for Dante. Below we see two methods that will get you many Red Globes in a short time.

    1 method
    At any difficulty level, play mission 8 and start the related secret mission (follow the guide to secret missions for more details).
    Look on the wall on the right and you will see some blue vines blocking the way. Use Aquila or Osiris with the "Double up" ability to overcome them.
    Before completing the secret mission pause and start over. All the Red Globes you have earned during the mission will be saved and you can repeat as many times as you want to earn a lot of Red Orbs.

    2 method
    Killing the enemies that appear right at the start of mission 11 will earn you around 300 red orbs in a matter of seconds. As soon as this is done, start all over again and repeat as many times as you want, as explained for method 1 the Red Globes are saved anyway. The process is shown in this video

    3 method (suggested by Thomas)

    I wanted to give some advice to earn red orbs and for the difficulty hell and hell .... In the mission against Bob Barbas (mission 10), in difficulty heaven or hell when you enter the second eye (as in the first eye) the enemies are infinite . As soon as the first demon appears, start shooting without stopping, but stop and reload the checkpoint before Bob Barbas finishes the "I only do God's work" line. The accumulated red orbs will be saved and you can repeat the process as many times as you want.

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