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    DMC Devil May Cry - Complete list of combo + secret moves

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    DMC Devil May Cry - Complete list of combo + secret moves


    DMC: Devil May Cry is the latest in one of the coolest series in video game history and like its predecessors boasts a vast assortment of moves and combos. Let's see what they are and how they are performed.

    Dante, the protagonist of DMC: Devil May Cry, has a habit of running around spanking evil demons for good. To do this, he has a set of moves and combos that vary according to the weapon used. There list of commands to press to perform these moves is available in the game menu, but WARNING! There are some secret moves that don't appear in the list and that you can only perform if you know the right key sequence.

    In the images below you can see the combo lists (including secret moves) divided by weapon, with the buttons for Xbox 360 and PS3, along with a brief description of the effect of each combo (in English). Good fun!

    The wording "Midair" means that the combo must be performed in the air, while the wording "after *nome-combo*" it means that keystroke must be performed after performing another combo. For example "Triangle after Drive" means that you have to press the Triangle button after performing the "Drive" combo.



    Move list + secret combos: Rebellion

    Move List + Secret Combo: Arbiter

    Move List + Secret Combo: Osiris

    Move List + Secret Combo: Eagle

    Move List + Secret Combo: Eryx

    Move List + Secret Combo: Ebony & Ivory

    Move List + Secret Combo: Revenant

    Move List + Secret Combo: Kablooey

    Move List + Secret Combo: Ophinion

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