Disk usage 100% Windows 10. How to fix!

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Windows 100's high 10% disk usage can bog down your system. A slow-running computer often crashes because Windows consumes significant system resources in disk read / write operations. When you open Task Manager and see disk usage at 100%, interrupting the process that forces its usage will bring Windows back to normal operation.

Many of the following solutions for 100% disk usage in Windows 10 are relevant for Windows 10, 8, 7, and Vista. However, some commands and system settings may vary.

I use Disk 100% Windows 10, it will cause

There are several potential causes for 100% Windows 10 disk usage, but most of it boils down to the same basic idea; too many things are running to be handled by the computer.

A common cause that falls under this umbrella is swapping or paging. Swapping occurs when a computer runs out of physical memory (RAM) and needs more space to store information about running processes and applications. 

Use a file on your hard drive called swapfile.sys to hold everything. As Windows works with this information, it constantly reads and writes to swapfile.sys, greatly increasing disk usage.

You may also find that applications that search for or use many files at the same time access your hard drive at an alarming speed behind the scenes. Many applications can behave this way, including antivirus software and some utilities installed with Windows.

Disk usage 100% Windows 10. How to fix!

Most of the time, the solutions for high disk usage come down to looking for the process that frequently uses the hard disk and shutting it down. Here are some of the more common solutions.

1. Disable Windows Telemetry. Windows 10 collects data about how you use it in the background. It has been a subject of controversy for privacy reasons and is a common cause of high disk usage. Disabling the service manager can help rest your hard drive.

2. Disable Windows Search Indexing. Windows keeps track of your files and the location of the files on the drive, so you can easily search for the file you need. Sometimes, the process used by Windows to create an index of where these files are located can slow down the drive. Disable search indexing to reduce the stress on the drive.

3. Disable SuperFetch. SuperFetch is a utility that runs in the background on Windows, analyzing RAM usage to see which apps use the most. SuperFetch can use a lot of system resources, including frequent writing to the drive. Disable it to stop the process from running behind the scenes and writing to the drive.

4. Disable Windows Tips. While using Windows, a built-in app running in the background offers notifications with operating system recommendations. While these are unlikely to cause the Windows 100 10% disk usage error, it is another app running in the background that can cause problems. Disable Windows Tips and see if they improve system performance.

To disable Windows tips:

  1. Select Start, to type notifications, to select Notifications and Actions Settings.
  2. In this window, disable Get tips, tricks and tips while using Windows.

5. Grant write permissions to Skype. If you are running Skype for desktop on any version of Windows before Windows 10, Skype may be causing the disk usage problem. If Skype does not have permission to write data to one of its subfolders in Program Files (x86), it continues writing and increases hard disk usage.

  1. Open the directory C: Programs (x86) SkypePhone. Right-click on Skype.exe.
  2. Go to the card Safety and select Modification.
  3. Select All application packages, then select the checkbox Write in Allow. Select OK.

In Firefox, disable preloading by visiting about: config in the address bar and setting the network.prefetch-next value to false. In Edge, go to Settings, scroll down to View Advanced Settings, and turn off Use Page Prediction to speed up browsing, improve reading, and improve my overall experience.

6. Fix the AHCI driver. Microsoft recognizes a known bug with some PCI-Express models of the enhanced host controller interface on Windows 10. If your computer is affected, 100% disk usage problems will occur. To fix it:

First, check that your computer has the AHCI driver.

  1. Select starts, kind of device manager, then select Device Manager.
  2. Select the drop down arrow IDE ATA / ATAPI in the list, right-click SATA AHCI controller and select Property.
  3. Go to the card driver and select Driver details. If you see C: Windows system32 DRIVERS storahci.sys in the Driver files field, your PC may be subject to this known bug.

If you have found that the storahci.sys driver file is on your system, the following steps will help you to fix the problem if this bug is known:

  1. Go to the card Details and select Device instance path from the drop-down list. Copy the value there and paste it into a text editor (like Notepad).
  2. Open the menu Start, type regedit and select il Regedit execution command. In Registry Editor, open HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE System CurrentControlSet Enum PCI  and expand the saved value folder in the text editor.
  3. Inside this folder, open Device Parameters Interrupt Management  MessageSignaledInterruptProperties, double-click MSISupported and change its value to 0.

7. Add more RAM. If disk usage is high because your computer doesn't have enough physical memory (RAM), your best bet is to add more. RAM is one of the simplest upgrades on any PC and is relatively inexpensive. Also, your computer will be able to do more tasks more efficiently.

8. Disable Windows Automatic Updates. Another common cause of Windows 100 high 10% disk usage by Windows updates occurring at random times, automatically. Prevent Windows from updating itself and you will prevent the drive from fatiguing.

9. Look for malware. If all else fails, there's a good chance you may have a virus or malware. The best thing to do at this point is to make sure you have good antivirus software and run a full system scan. A full scan can take a long time, but it finds and removes any malicious software that may be running on your system and that increases disk usage.

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