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    Dishonored - Trophy List [PS3]

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    Dishonored - Trophy List [PS3]


    Here is the list of Trophies for Playstation 3 of Dishonored

    Bronze Silver Gold Platinum



    Steal items worth 200 coins
    Kill enemies using all weapons and items
    Wall of sparks
    Kill an enemy using a Wall of Light
    Kill 10 unsuspecting enemies
    After escaping from prison, complete a mission without alerting enemies and killing less than 5
    After escaping from prison, complete a single mission without alerting anyone
    Have others kill 5 of their allies
    Death from above
    Kill 5 enemies with the Killing Jump
    Dangerous path
    Cause 5 unintentional suicides
    Own someone for more than 3 minutes
    Wasp nest
    Kill 4 enemies in under a second using the crossbow
    Dark speed
    Travel 30 meters in less than 1 second
    Kill 6 enemies in under 1 second
    Clutter Merchant
    Obtain 15 equipment upgrades
    Collect 10 Bone Amulets
    Il fuggitivo
    After prison, escape 5 pursuers simultaneously without killing them or leaving the map
    Clean Sweep
    Fight 5 enemies at the same time without leaving any of them alive
    Without honor
    Complete the introductory mission
    Eliminate High Priest Campbell
    Find Emily Kaldwin
    Genius and recklessness
    Complete the bridge mission
    Kill the Lord Regent, Hiram Burrows
    Political suicide
    Reveal the crimes of the Lord Regent and have him arrested
    What is mine
    Recover your belongings
    Returned to sender
    Grab an active grenade and use it to kill an enemy
    Big guy
    Kill a Tallboy using only the sword
    Complete all missions after the prologue by alerting or killing only key targets
    Complete all missions after the prologue without alerting anyone
    Meat and steel
    Beat the game without acquiring any supernatural powers or enhancements, except Translation
    Art dealer
    Find all of Sokolov's paintings
    Play from the first mission up to Kaldwin's bridge by killing less than 10 enemies
    Mani pulite
    Complete the game without killing anyone
    Complete the game
    Platinum swords and dark alleys
    You have tamed the city of Dunwall and unlocked all trophies.


    Dishonored Secret Trophies

    Dunwall in chaos
    You completed the game with a high level of Chaos
    Sufficiently dark
    You completed the game with a low Chaos level
    You escaped from prison and passed the sewers undetected
    Completed all of Grandma Cencia's side missions
    Street conspiracy
    Completed all Slackjaw side missions
    The art of theft
    You took the art dealer safe combination to Slackjaw, but you emptied it first
    An unfortunate accident
    You killed Morgan Pendleton with steam
    You completed the Villa Boyle mission without ruining the party
    King of the world
    You have reached the top of the Kaldwin Bridge
    You protected Kalista's uncle, Captain Geoff Curnow
    The mark of mercy
    You spared Daud's life
    The luci spente
    You have disabled at least 5 security systems on Kingsparrow Island
    Long live the empress
    You saved Empress Emily Kaldwin
    Food chain
    You murdered a killer
    You have owned a fish
    Filthy sewer rat
    You used a rat burrow
    Poetic justice
    You neutralized key targets using indirect methods
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