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    Dishonored - Sokolov's Paintings Guide [Art Dealer]

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    Dishonored - Sokolov's Paintings Guide [Art Dealer]


    In this first guide dedicated to Dishonored let's see where all the paintings of Sokolov.

    The paintings to be collected are 11 in total and are scattered throughout the city of Dunwell. Only by collecting them all can you unlock the trophy / achievement:

    Art dealer -Find all of Sokolov's paintings

    Not only that, being quite rare works they will also yield a large amount of coins, so don't miss them.

    Before leaving the video that shows the exact position of all the paintings I recommend that you always finish the mission in which you found the painting before leaving the game. This is because it is possible that your progress will not be saved if you do not complete the mission first. In any case, by accessing the statistics of each mission you can see at any time how many paintings there are in that mission and how many you have already collected.

    Here is the video that will be very useful for you to find all Sokolov's paintings, don't forget to check the Dishonored cheats tab for the next guides on this game.


    Alternatively, you can also watch this video

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