Dishonored 2: Guide to Alternative Endings [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]

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Dishonored 2: Guide to Alternative Endings [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]


In this guide we see what the different Dishonored 2 endings are and how to unlock them.

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One of the aspects of Dishonored 2 is certainly the great variety of solutions that can be found to get to the end of each mission and the fact that the ending of the game will change based on how you behaved throughout the game.

If yours is a game devoted to Chaos (killing everyone, alerting the guards, etc.) you will most likely go towards the worst ending, much darker than what you will have in a game played always keeping a low profile and saving the lives of the enemies.

Particularly the choices you make in some crucial points of the plot will be decisive where you will have to decide whether to get rid of a target by killing it or not. You will recognize these situations because the game itself will offer you two different options in the mission objectives. The first one (the good one) will be highlighted with the blue color, while the other will have the red color and will correspond to the bad alternative which, when added to others, will lead you to the worst ending.

Now that you understand how to get the different Dishonored 2 endings, for those who do not have the desire or time to replay the game we offer a video that shows all the possible endings:


Frequently asked questions and answers

Harvey has told us, among many other things, that the new adventure has more than 6 endings and has offered us an ideal exclusive image that reveals a part of the origin of the Stranger, one of the most enigmatic characters of the saga.
30 sept two thousand sixteen

The more people you kill on the planet of Dishonored, but it will increase the level of chaos and more rats will appear, in turn causing more inhabitants to get sick.
Obviously it is your resolution and the guide is equally useful if you choose the opposite.
30 oct two thousand and twelve

Reduced Chaos Good Ending: Kill absolutely no one or very few people.
It is ideal to remove targets such as the Supreme Dean or the Pendletons, etc.
by indirect means.
Save Emily on Kingsparrow Island.
6 Oct two thousand sixteen

Dishonored is going to have 3 endings | Hobbyconsolas.
2 lines crossed in the shape of 'X'.
27 Aug two thousand twelve

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