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    Disciplined Agreement Guide

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    Dark Souls 2 - Covenant of Disciplined Guide, how to discover and level


    Welcome to this new guide dedicated to patti di Dark Souls 2.

    Disciplined Agreement Guide

    In Dark Souls 2 we will have the opportunity to make deals with different "factions" in exchange for obtaining rewards for observing the rules established by the "leader" of the faction. Some pacts (which in general affect multiplayer interactions in different ways) will provide you with help in case of invasion while others will ask you for the blood of other adventurers.

    In this guide we will see how to discover the Covenant of Disciplined and how to level up in it. I remind you that to unlock the Trophy / Objective it is not necessary to accept the agreement, but just get to the point where the proposal is made, which can also be rejected.

    Important: we will make a guide for each covenant. See the Dark Souls 2 cheats and guides tab for all other guides on this game

    To discover the Pact of Disciplined you will have to talk to Saulden who you will find sitting near the monument to Majula. Keep talking to Saulden until he gives you a Blue Seal. Wearing the Blue Seal will increase your chances of having a Blue Sentinel appear to help you during an invasion.

    To level:

    • Rank 1: Defeat 1 Invader / Reward: Bloodbite Ring
    • Rank 2 Defeat 5 Invaders / Reward: Hush
    • Rank 3 Defeat 10 Invaders / Reward: Blue Tearstone Ring

    For more help also follow the video:

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