Diablo 3 - The Secret Development Hell level

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Diablo 3 - The Secret Development Hell level


This was to be expected. The secret level of ponies and Whimsyshire rainbows (which we already told you about in another guide) isn't the only easter egg in Diablo 3.

In fact, a few days later another was discovered hidden level, Called "Development Hell", where apparently all the developers of Diablo 3 have retreated to rest in peace inside some sort of crypt.

Here's what you need to do to find the hidden "Development Hell" level and what rewards you can get by finding it.


  • This secret area can be found in theAct 1, during the quest "A shattered Crown".
  • During this mission within the cemetery you can enter called areas "Defiled Crypts" (Cripte Contaminate). In a completely random way, after entering one of the crypts, instead of entering the normal dungeon you will suddenly find yourself at the entrance of the Development Hell.
  • Unfortunately, in addition to the fact that it is in Act 1, there are still no more precise details on the exact procedure for gaining access to this hidden area: some users report (and probably it is) that it is possible to find it ONLY if you play at difficulty Nightmare or higher after beating the "Skeleton King". As mentioned before the appearance of this dungeon is random, so you may not find it on the first try and you may need to go back to the Graveyard area and try to re-enter the Crypts, the hidden level should appear upon entering the northernmost Crypt. 

Once you have access to the "Development Hell" level you will notice that the monsters bear the names of the Diablo 3 developers while in the description of each monster you will see their role in the development team. At the end of the dungeon you will find a rare monster by the name of Jay Wilson, aka the Game Director of Diablo 3. Defeat him to unlock an achievement and get the "Banner Sigil".

I know Youtube there are several videos showing this level, with a lot of love I have chosen a couple for you, here they are.





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