Diablo 3 - The guide to start playing

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Diablo 3 - The guide to start playing


Diablo 3, one of the most anticipated games on PC in recent years, is finally coming within reach of our mouse and keyboard.

Around the globe, including Spain of course, events of all kinds are being organized such as prayer vigils and sabbatical rites in anticipation of the X hour which will start on the night between 14 and 15 May.

We could not leave you alone in the appropriation of the videogame event of the year and here we offer you a step by step guide from the purchase of the game to the first steps in the game world.

Here's what you need to do to start playing Diablo 3


Create the Battle Tag
On launch night, both the game service and the site are expected to be clogged due to the huge number of drooling people bromic to start their Diablo III adventure. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you create the BattleTag now, as it is essential for playing Diablo III. Remember that this tag will be permanent and will be valid both in the game and on the website, so consider your choice carefully!

Digital Download
Obviously, if you intend to buy the game in digital delivery, it is highly recommended to download immediately. The game will be unlocked at the exact time of launch.

Install the game
Copies will be unlocked on the morning of May 14 for you to install the game. This way you can deal with any problems with your Diablo 3 installation in good time. If you encounter any errors or problems, take a look at the list of common problems and their solutions (English). Once done, also install the 1.0.1 launch patch. You will be ready to play as soon as the servers go online.

Starting the servers
From what explained in point 4, many people will be ready to access as soon as the servers go online, consequently the incredible impact of the first hours will be monitored. For this reason, logins are likely to be adjusted and staggered to ensure a stable experience, so you may experience a delay when attempting to log in. This delay can last up to 40 seconds, so don't be alarmed. If the connection fails in 40 seconds, you will be presented with error message 37 and asked to try again. The error may occur several times, it means that you will have to try again. Despite all the measures put in place to face the assault on the servers, you don't have to be a fortune-teller to predict that the first few hours will still be traumatic. So arm yourself with patience, we have waited years, let's not be discouraged in the last hours!

Stay tuned, several guides for Diablo 4 are already in preparation at Resources3gaming.com.



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