Diablo 3 - How to increase loot and find more legendary items

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Diablo 3 - How to increase loot and find more legendary items


Diablo 3 hides an authentic myriad of objects, weapons and armor of all kinds in the maze of the game levels. Among these we also find the Legendary Objects which replaced the unique items in Diablo 2.

Legendary items are items of great value and grant very powerful abilities, but where are these damn legendary objects?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to have a guide with the precise position of these special objects as, as confirmed several times by the same developers, they appear randomly during the game.

For those who have reached level 60, however, there is a way to drastically increase the chances of finding Legendary items, this is the valore Nefilim whose operation is explained below:

once you reach level 60, killing a group of Rare (Elite) or Champions opponents not only gets their loot, but also gets a bonus that increases the find of magical items and gold by 15%. This bonus can be multiplied up to a maximum of 5 times, thus reaching a total percentage increase equal to + 75% of the discovery of gold and magical items. Be careful though !!! If you change a skill, rune, passive or leave the game, the bonus will be lost. As an added reward, killing a boss while this bonus is active gives that boss additional rewards, often including Legendary items.

Using the Nefilim value bonus, you will get more gold, richer loot and greatly increase your chances of finding Legendary items.

At the moment, the operation of the Nefilim value in Diablo 3 is exactly as described in the guide, but may be changed by future game patches.





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