Diablo 3 - How to find the Whimsyshire secret level

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Diablo 3 - How to find the Whimsyshire secret level

Another secret level has been discovered, the "Development Hell". The guide to discover that too can be found at the following LINK.

For the Whimsyshire secret level read on ...

A few days after the release, on May 15th, some Diablo 3 players have already scorpeto the secret level inserted by Blizzard in the game, which had already happened in Diablo 2.

"Whimsyshire", this is the name of the hidden dungeon, it is an area full of colors, between the green of the grass and the rainbows that pop up here and there, all stuff that with Diablo 3 hits us like cheese on ice cream.

The enemies that we will find in the dungeon will not be the classic monsters, but characters that we never thought we would see in Diablo 3 such as ponies, bears and similar cuddles.

But how do you unlock Diablo 3's secret level? It's all explained in this guide, so read on.

The key to unlocking the secret level is it "Staff of Commemoration". To create it, you will need a rare recipe, 5 rare items, and 150.000 gold on Normal.
First of all you will need to find the recipe. This was reported in Act 4 on normal difficulty, by Izual.
The recipe calls for these ingredients: (1) Wirt's Bell (1) Black Mushroom, (1) Liquid Rainbow, (1) Stuttering Gem, (1) Leoric's Tibia
All materials freeze once collected, so they cannot be traded or sold.

  • Wirt bell can be purchased in Act 2 from NPC Squirt the street vendor in the Bazaar Caldeum. Among the miscellaneous items it is sold for 100.000 Gold.
  • Black mushroom can be found in Act 1, in level 1 of the Cathedral. Watch the video



  • Liquid rainbow can be found in Act 2, within the Mysterious cave in 'Oasis Dahlgur. To access the cave, you will need to find an old latch at the entrance to a cave at the mercy of some monsters. He won't talk to you at first, stay close and wait for the monsters to attack. Once the monsters are settled, the old man will open the Mysterious Cave for you. Inside look for the Mysterious Basket, the Liquid Rainbow is inside. It's all shown in the following video:


  • Tibia di Leoric can be found in the Manor of Leoric in act 1 in the fireplace of a room. Follow the video below, but remember that it's kind of random all things in Diablo 3, so if you don't find it on the first try, reload and try again until you find it.



  • Grumbling Gem can be found randomly from Chiltara in Caves of Frost, randomly generated before reaching the bridge in act 3. Search the caves on the battlefields.

Once realized it Staff of Herding can be used to open a portal to the secret level, Whimsyshire.
To open the portal you will need to find a dead cow in Old Tristram, west of the road.
To reach the higher level versions of the secret zone, you will need to build new special versions for each difficulty level.

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