Diablo 3 - How to earn a lot of Gold in a short time

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Diablo 3 - How to earn a lot of Gold in a short time


In Diablo 3 there are different points in the game (and different ways) to accumulate a lot of Gold until it comes out of your ears. What I am about to describe to you is probably the most effective method of earning infinite gold, considering the difficulty of execution / amount of gold earned.

Before starting, equip your character with many items and amulets that increase the percentage of gold collection (gold finding). Put as many as possible in order to bring this percentage to at least 150%. Clearly the higher this percentage, the greater the amount of gold you will earn with this procedure. You can find these items without much difficulty at the auction house (they don't cost much) or build them yourself, in addition to those found throughout the game. Use all available slots, rings, amulets, everything is fine as long as you increase the percentage of Gold collection (some users have managed to bring it to 300%).
You will have to finish Act 1 at least once, but I recommend that you start using this method when you have unlocked the higher difficulties (Abyss or Hell) as by playing these difficulties you will earn even more gold and the risks will still be very limited.

How to proceed to have infinite gold
Once everything has been prepared as explained in the previous part of the guide, go to the "Royal Crypts "in Act 1 in the quest "Sword of the Stranger". Run without paying any attention to the enemies and concentrate exclusively on destroying all the objects that drop gold. Once you reach the Summoning Chamber use a portal to return to the city. Now use the portal again to return to the Crypts, then leave the game and then resume to go back to the Crypts again and start the process over and accumulate more and more gold.

This way you will have very few enemies to fight against and a huge amount of objects to destroy and gold to collect. Once you have done some practice you can finish the tour in just two minutes. On Abyss difficulty, some players report that with 150% gold collected they have earned around 6.000 gold per run. Doing the math it is evident that it is possible to arrive safely at 180.000 Gold in one hour of play.

By playing Inferno it is also possible to overcome the 300.000 Gold in one hour, it all depends on the percentage and how fast you can complete the round, so forget about the enemies and focus on the objects to break.

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