Diablo 3 - All the Secrets and Easter Eggs

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Diablo 3 - All the Secrets and Easter Eggs


Diablo 3 it would not have been the worthy follow-up to its fantastic predecessor if it had not been stuffed with a good dose of easter eggs and secrets born from the creativity of its developers.

Nobody will be disappointed because we have found several of easter eggs and tricks more or less hidden in Diablo 3. Here they are listed for you.

Names of developers
In the Cathedral of Act 1 you can see on a plaque the names of 4 members of the game's development team, Brian Ameling, Julian Stone, Kevin Choik, and Oliver Christian. Look at the image below


Reference to Starcraft
The most phosphorus-rich Starcraft players will surely remember the words "Overhwhelming Power". It was not only the code of a trick that could be inserted in the single player, but also a sentence pronounced by the Archon (which was the result of two combined Protoss Templars).

Archon returns in Diablo III, this time as a high-level skill of the Wizard class. The reference is more than clear. Watch the video where this skill is shown.


The Horadric hamburger
Slaying monsters with a sandwich has always been the hidden dream of all Diablo players. In the third chapter our hidden desire is finally granted. The Hamburger Horadric is a Legendary item that can only be found in the Whimsyshire secret level which we will discuss later in this guide. The name leaves no room for interpretation: it is a hamburger that you can equip like any other weapon. It doesn't deal major damage, but honestly, who cares ??? Watch it on video

Secret developer level
It is one of the secret levels discovered so far in Diablo 3. It seems to be the place where all the Diablo 3 developers rest in peace. For further details and all the information needed to find this level, follow the dedicated guide.

Whimsyshire Secret Level
Who would have thought? Rainbows, green meadows and ponies in Diablo, if they had only said it a few months we would have had a big laugh followed by a loud raspberry. But as they say, never put limits on providence. This crazy secret level really exists in Diablo 3 and obviously on Resources4Gaming a guide is already ready that will help you find it too, follow the link

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