Deus Ex Human Revolution - Guide to the 29 books of experience [unlocks the Graduate]

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Deus Ex Human Revolution - Guide to the 29 books of experience [unlocks the Graduate]

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Guys how cool is Deus Ex Human Revolution? It is a real pleasure to write a guide for games of this caliber. Today at Resources4gaming we are dealing with the 29 ebooks (or experience books) that are scattered throughout the levels of the entire adventure.

So here is the complete list of the 29 books with relative position for you. Below you will also find videos that will help you in this search. Finding them all will unlock the achievement and trophy:

The Graduate
Read the 29 experience books over the course of a single game.

Good game everyone!


- Right at the beginning of the game, on Pritchard's desk.
2 - Also on Pritchard's office floor, it is located above a desk in Office 25.
3 - Same place, but this time in office 27, still on the desk.

4 - Under a cardboard box, in the room with the automatic turret.
5 - When you meet Zeke, you find him on a desk in the corner of the room.

6 - In Jensen's room on the nightstand next to the bed.
7 - In the police station morgue, on the coroner's desk.
8 - After finding the weapons dealer Seurat, you will find the book on the desk next to the bed.
9 - Go to the Downtown Apartments, head west and you will find a locked door on the second floor. You will find the book inside.
10 - In the side mission “One Good Turn Deserves Another” enter Greg Thorpe's apartment. The book is on the desk.
11 - Inside Derelict Row, on top of a barrel.

12 - In the southern detention block. Hack a closed door, the book will be inside.

13 - In The Hive, go to Bobby Bao's office through the restricted area.
14 - In The Hive, go to Tong's office in the basement. You have to be able to convince Tong to reach him.
15 - Before entering Van Bruggen's office go to the left of the main entrance. Hack the locked room, the book is in the kitchen.
16 - You will find the book on the roof of the second floor of the Downtown Apartments, in the Youzhao district.
17 - On the roofs of the Downtown Apartments to the north you will find another book.
18 - It is located in Pod 143 on the third floor of the Alice Pod garden area.

19 - Climb to the highest level of the Pangu. Before entering the elevator at the bottom, on the wall you will find a shaft to enter. Get up there using some boxes. Inside you will find the book.

20 - Go up and find the room "Lee Memorial Geng Laboratory", the book is on a shelf.
21 - When you reach the hangar, before leaving, enter the security room to the southwest, the book is inside.

22 - In the broken broadcast room, after escaping in the elevator.
23 - Before heading to the cellar, on the second floor in a side room.

24 - On the lower level of the Harvester Hideout, in the autopsy room in front of the big screen.

25 - Before talking to Taggart, go to the Convention Center backstage. The book is in the room with the two guards watching TV.
26 - In Sandoval's desk at the time of the meeting with him.
27 - In the LIMB clinic, the book is located in the back of the Augmentations room on a stand.

28 - On the second floor go to the cold room, near the elevator you will find the book.
29 - After defeating Namir, the book is in the desk of his room.


Position of the books on the video

Part 1


Part 2

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