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    Destruction AllStars - Guide on how to silence players

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    AllStars Destruction became available for PlayStation 5 in free download for subscribers to PS Plus, we have talked about it extensively in our dedicated review, but today we are here to make your experience more enjoyable. The game, developed by Lucid games, is a vehicular combat in which the users must do in a way, often unconventional, and certainly spectacular, to destroy the vehicles of the opponents. Being a online-centric multiplayer game, with the microphone integrated into the Dualense, players can choose to use voice chat to communicate. Since the chat, in addition to the voices, often very loud, also receives background noises, someone might find this function annoying, so in this guide we explain how to silence other players.

    The steps are few and quick, in fact, when you find yourself in a lobby, the first thing to do will be to press the PlayStation button on the DualSense controller. Scroll through the Activity Cards and select the one related to voice chat. At this point, press the Square button to silence the voice chat. To mute your microphone instead, interact with the button on the controller under the PlayStation button. Unfortunately it is not possible to mute the audio of individual players, so, at least for the moment, this is the only system. This means that you will also silence your friends in the lobby, so if you want a private voice chat with them, you can always create a private party from the PlayStation 5 settings.

    That was all there was to know about how to silence other users while playing Destruction AllStars, so you can rest easy and enjoy a game in peace without being distracted by other voices or the usual annoying and endless provocations. We also remind you that on our site you will find one entire section dedicated to guides always updated with all the titles of the moment.

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