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    Destiny Secrets and Easter Eggs [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3]

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    Destiny Secrets and Easter Eggs [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3]


    Even Destiny, between its lines of code, hides some secrets that are just waiting to be revealed. Here is the collection of all the easter eggs in Destiny.

    Hey, but I know that one ...
    During the "Cerberus Vae III" assault mission on Mars you cannot fail to notice a strange construction that is very reminiscent of the Master Chief's helmet. See for yourself

    Big game ???
    We have already covered the subject in a dedicated guide here on Resources4Gaming, but for your convenience we report a video directly here, to show you where to find the "balls" to play football on the Tower with your friends. It won't be FIFA, but between one assault and another ...

    Wave me all over
    On the tower, in the Postmaster area you will notice a large propeller. With the help of a few friends, you can go up to the roof of the office to find a button that activates the fan. Watch the video starting at 1:25 to see how.

    Destiny Awaits...
    This is phenomenal. It would be a "retro-easter-egg" as it is a destiny easter egg present in another game, or the distant Halo ODST. At the time we all didn't even know about the existence of the Destiny project, but apparently this was already on the minds of the Bungie lords. At the time, Bungie was talking about an undiscovered secret in the game, and when (after the first Destiny announcements) the more attentive noticed the sign reading "Destiny Awaits" in Halo ODST Mr. Vic Deleon (digital artist of the series) exclaimed "You have finally found it". Check it out in the video. Incredible!!!

    The logo
    In the introductory sequence of the game, the imprint left on the ground by the boot contains the Destiny logo, had you noticed that?

    ... and you have discovered other secrets? Feel free to use the comments or post directly in our forum, we will update the guide with your feedback.


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