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    Destiny 2 - Guide on how to get all Shards and Whispers

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    To add additional modifiers to the abilities of your Destiny 2 Beyond the Light stasis subclass you will need to obtain Fragments and relative Whispers, that can be purchased from the Unknown to the Beyond. Recall that to start the related quest you must first have completed Dark Birth - Part 2; the Unknown will let you choose from three other possible outlets for the quest, which branch off by activity in the Assaults, in Gambit or in the Crucible. Here you will have to choose which one is right for you based on your personal preference. Always remember that you can take part in two quests to get Stasis Shards per week, so choose carefully whether to start those related to Assaults, the Crucible, or Gambit. We, for example, chose the PvP tasks, but we found ourselves having to complete tasks unsuitable for our style of play. In fact, if you wanted to speed up the process vi we recommend following the missions related to Assaults and Gambit. After completing a first quest, you will be given a single Shard of Memory that you can take from the Unknown to the Beyond to get Shards of Stasis.

    Destiny 2: what natures and fragments are

    When we go to upgrade the subclass of stasis we will find that the Shards can offer certain bonuses and that the Natures add additional perks and possibly also attacks. The correlation between these two types of elements is that Natures determine how many Fragments can be equipped at the same time, for a minimum of one and a maximum of three, and for which class. For example, this week the Titans could have 2 slots available, while the Sorcerers could have 3. Below is the list of all the Shards with their perks, remembering that you can only get two per week (for each character).

    All Shards available so far

    Whisper of the Edro: After freezing a target of stasis you gain a bonus to weapon damage - it costs -10 strength.

    Whisper of Faults: Increases the damage and range of stasis when destroying a stasis crystal or frozen target - has no additional costs or benefits.

    Whisper of Refraction: Defeating a frozen or slowed enemy offers class skill energy - it has no additional costs or benefits.

    Whisper of Imprisonment: increases the duration of slow effects, and even those with persistent effects last longer - offers +10 strength.

    Whisper of Constraints: Defeating a frozen target with weapons offers super energy - costs -10 intellect and -10 discipline.

    Whisper of Fragments: destroying a stasis crystal speeds up grenade reloading. Destroying more ice improves the duration of the effect - offers +10 resilience.

    If you liked our guide, let us know in the comments and run to read our review of Destiny 2 Beyond the Light if you want to find out our analysis and opinion of the new campaign linked to the expansion.


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