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That you have already had the opportunity to play the original Demon's Souls or not, the new remake of Bluepoint games it could no doubt put you in trouble sooner or later. Today we want to deepen specifically the order of the game Missions, as well as the best path to take to start the new adventure. We'll also tell you what to do in these missions so you don't miss out on the important parts.

Hoping that the guide will be useful to you, we refer you to our specific section, containing further information on the title.

Before leaving you to the text, we remind you that in the following lines you may find some major or minor spoilers on Demon's Souls, regarding some playful sections and the narrative sector. We therefore advise you to continue carefully before completing the game in its entirety.

After the initial parts, you will be able to enter 5 different portals, how to make this choice? We advise you to start with the following order, obviously remembering when possible to take care of the grinding to enhance your character, while learning some peculiarities of the combat system originally patented by FromSoftware.

  • Zone 1 - Level 1
    • Save Ostrava di Boletaria (located in the courtyard, inside the castle)
    • Take the Enveloping Ring on the second shortcut (it will give you 75% life in soul form)
    • Get the Thief's Ring on the platform above Ostrava
  • Zone 2 - Level 1
    • Activate the elevator where you start in this world, to see the blacksmith Ed, who will forge weapons with the souls of the bosses
  • Zone 4 - Level 1
    • Reach the room on the right (from the top), take the Copper key and open to Blige
    • Get past the Demonic Vanguard, kill the red-eyed skeleton and grab the Referee's Shield.
  • Zone 3 - Level 1
    • Get all the keys
    • Approach the corpse that is not hit by the ballista and go back
    • Go into the corridor with two side doors, open them, and go all the way to reach the ballista from behind, deactivating it
    • Climb the right tower, kill the praying man and take the key to free Sage Freke, which will allow you to purchase spells.
  • Zone 5 - Level 1
    • Talk to the woman

Then complete the first ones 5 levels of each zone, the bosses are not very difficult but we refer you to our guide to the best weapons to get started. You will find yourself choosing a class, each level has benefits for a different one, however this is the order that we recommend in general.

  • Zone 1 - Level 2
    • Kill the enemies in the corridor leading to Boletaria's Ostrava
    • Buy the Claymore from the merchant (located on the same corridor, opposite side)
  • Zone 4 - Level 2
    • To get through this phase, prepare yourself a lot of healing herbs because you will need to have many. Kill the first enemy, then advance.
    • Patches will launch you into a ravine, where you can kill enemies and free Urbain, a master of Miracles who will allow you in the Nexus to take these powerful spells.
    • Advance to the Old Hero, a blind enemy that you must defeat with the Ring of the Thief
  • Zone 4 - Level 3
    • Grab the Stormlord weapon and use the special attack to defeat the boss
  • Zone 2 - Level 2
    • Before moving forward, take the elevator down to the Crystal Lizard Nest and grab all the materials
    • Then go to the opposite pole, in the great room where Patches will be, ready to make a trap. You shouldn't attack him, as he'll sell you herbs in the Nexus
    • Purchase Hard Stone from the merchant near Patches
    • Get the Longsword of the Dragon +1 while continuing down the road
  • Zone 2 - Level 3
    • Advance and fight the Dragon God (if you have White Pure World Tendency you can get the Dragon Greatsword)
  • Zone 3 - Level 2
    • Go to the top of the tower and kill the cultists
    • Continue to the cages, go to Yurt and kill him (he is a killer, if you save him he will start killing all the NPCs in the Nexus)
    • Go through the swamps, go to the other cultists and kill them
  • Zone 3 - Level 3
    • Go up the stairs and face the Old Monk

Remember some tips for the bosses you will meet, before proceeding to the last few bars of the game. Use ranged weapons for the Adjudicator, equip the Thief's Ring and light gear with The Old Hero, use the quick roll ability with The Firelurker. With the level of challenge that will rise, we finally advise you to walk the last areas in the order you find below:

  • Zone 1 - Level 3
    • Kill the officers and get the various keys
    • Save Boletaria's Ostrava again
    • Take the key and go back to where the Knight of the Tower was to open the door on the right and save Biorr of the Two Fangs.
    • Grab a full officer's suit, advance disguising yourself (killing enemies)
    • An officer will drop you a ladder, go up and save Yuria the Witch (she will give you very powerful magic)
  • Zone 5 - Level 2
    • Equip the regenerator ring
    • Meet Selen Vinland
    • Go to the wall of fog, go through the wooden structure on the right and destroy the pile of snails: you will find the Great Sword of the Moon.
    • Open the shortcut (left wall)
  • Zone 5 - Level 3
    • Go down and face Garl (you can choose how)
  • Zone 1 - Level 4
    • Go ahead dodging the Blue Dragon
    • Meet Ostrava who will give you the key to the Mausoleum (if you go to the Boletaria Palace 1-1 you can get a very powerful weapon by challenging an enemy, where you will only have to take 25% of their life to win the fight)

Then defeat King Allant, go to the Nexus and fight the Ancient, starting the game's ending. One of the most interesting weapons in the game can be created by merging the weapon you will get at the end of the game with the one that will give you the challenge in the Mausoleum.

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