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Evolve: Defense mode guide / tips [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]


In Evolve the defense mode is comparable to the classic "last stand", the winner takes it all. Playing as a hunter desperately defends the extraction point. Like a monster, with the help of hordes of minios, you will attack the evacuation point. Will the monster be able to destroy everything or will the Hunters make it out in time?

Defense Mode Strategies

Defense mode strategy: Monster
Waves of two minions will periodically be thrown at the generator in unscrupulous rage enough to ignore most attacks and focus on the target, the generator. Of course you can and should use these attacks to your advantage, distracting the forces of the hunters who will be delayed in their main objective, to keep the monster away from the generator.

One tip is to only kill two hunters at a time, and when a dropship is on the way, kill the other two. In this way you will halve their firepower during the fights, without taking too many risks trying to take them all out immediately. (the respawn timer is 30 seconds, and upon their return they will not have any penalties, so the tactic brings relative advantages).

Fixed Turrets will damage your minions and yourself if you get too close, so take them out as soon as possible to keep your minions alive longer.

There will always be some wildlife in areas where the generator is still active. Consider it every now and then if you need to reload your armor, but of course keep an eye on the timer as well.

Defense mode strategy: Hunters
Mobile arenas can play an important role in blocking the minions and the Alpha monster trying to reach the generator.

So the "Trapper" class hunters should use their equipment mainly to slow the advance of the enemies towards the generator, while the rest of the squad will focus on the direct attack.

Even if it takes 30 seconds or more to get back into the game after dying, remember that you will still return to the game without any penalties, so always consider when to risk a little more, especially when you think the monster is weak.

Only the Alpha monster will be able to attack the guard turrets, so their positions could easily become a great place to ambush the big shot.

We close with the introductory video (calling it tutorial is a bit risky) released by the developer on this mode, good luck

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