Deep Rock Galactic: the title will be limited to next-gen due to cross-play

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The new title Deep Rock Galactic, cooperative shooter currently in development at Coffee Stain, we know it will be released on both next generation consoles and on PlayStation 4 e Xbox One. However, due to these last two machines that are undoubtedly less powerful than the next game consoles, the title will not be able to fully exploit the true power of PlayStation 5 e Xbox Series X. In fact, according to the words of the CEO of Ghost Ship, Deep Rock Galactic will be castrated on next-gen consoles to allow cross-play between the various consoles.

On the other hand, it is difficult for the title to even reach Nintendo Switch, further limited compared to the others with consequent further problems. Søren Lundgaard, the CEO of Ghost Ship, stated that that the title will be castrated not so much from the graphical point of view, but more from that of the gameplay and game mechanics:

When we release the title on next-gen consoles, we will also be making cross-play. We will be able to play the title on every console, but this means that they will have to use a limited product with the low technical specifications of the current generation. The next-gen consoles will enjoy some graphic improvements such as Ray Tracing, [..] but since our project is a cooperative and multiplayer game, all players must enjoy the same experience, which is why we will not be able to take advantage of the advantages of the next -gen.

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