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    "Dedicated Soldier" Objective / Trophy Guide

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    Come completare al 100% Sniper Elite 3 [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


    The path of the completists is long and tortuous ... and full of blows to the head.

    "Dedicated Soldier" Objective / Trophy Guide

    To unlock this achievement and 100% complete Sniper Elite 3 you need to:

    • find all war diaries (see war diary guide)
    • find all the collectible cards (see collectible card guide)
    • find all distance shots (see distance shots guide)
    • find all sniper positions (see sniper positions guide)
    • find all weapon parts (see weapon parts guide)
    • complete all optional objectives (see optional objectives guide)
    • complete the campaign missions (see video solution)

    be careful though! some users, unfortunately, report that they have collected everything and have a completion percentage that is around 90%. This is certainly a bug in the game that we hope will be fixed soon. However, the things to do to get to 100% are those indicated above.


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