Death Stranding: Ken Imaizumi leaves Kojima Productions

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Ken Imaizumi, one of the key characters along with Hideo Kojima behind the founding of the software house Kojima Productions, he left his job just less than a month after the release of the first work known as Death Stranding. According to the Video Games Chronicle newspaper, the reasons behind this choice are due to internal misunderstandings with the company.

Considered something of a veteran within the fledgling development house, he was also a very high-profile figure within Konami with which he collaborated for about 20 years supervising the production of multiple titles such as: Sons of Liberty, Guns of the Patriots, The Phantom Pain and Metal Gear Rising.

Unfortunately, we don't know anything else about the decision to abandon Kojima and his team, but according to a non-accredited source it seems that everything arises from misunderstandings with internal members of the team. At the moment none of the interested parties have commented on the news on social networks or in any other way, which is why we are waiting to find out more information to better clarify the story.

We also remind you that Death Stranding is finally available on PlayStation 4 (here our review) and will arrive in the course of the summer also on PC.

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